Affordable Online Shop Design Package

Get a complete online store website, from R4500

If you sell products, you need an e-commerce website! Here’s why:

With a website, customers can find you any time, anywhere. As more and more users have access to the internet, in South Africa and world-wide, more users are adopting to online sales. Of late, this trend has increased exponentially. Not only that, but mobile internet adoption is also accelerating exponentially, with more users doing product research and shopping online from their mobile phones. Without an e-commerce presence, you are missing out on a large chunk of customers! Don’t believe us? Take a look at the statistics…

Overview of E-commerce Adoption in South Africa, as of Jan 2021

Consumer activity, shown as estimated percentage of internet users in South Africa, aged 16 – 64:

Data source: (GWI Q3 2020). Figures represent the findings of a broad survey of internet users aged 16 – 64.

An estimated 21.93 MILLION people in South Africa purchase B2C goods online, valued at 4.06 BILLION US dollars for 2019 and 2020 alone!

Data source: (Statista Market Outlook for E-commerce, accessed Jan 2021). Estimates based on full-year consumer spend for 2020 and 2019, excluding B2B spend. In this context, “Consumer Goods” include fashion & beauty, electronics & physical media, food & personal care products, furniture & appliances, toys, hobby & DIY products.

By using an e-commerce website, you will be tapping into this market. Your website will continue to find and convert new customers, retain existing customers, increase the amount of money they spend on your business, and save you time and effort while doing so. All this, while you continue with your REAL work. And even while you sleep!

A modern, professional website…

  • … works and looks great on desktop, mobile and tablet
  • … is fast and secure
  • … is your property (or should be… choose your platform wisely!)
  • … is a fantastic way of conveying information about your business, your products and services
  • … ensures your business does not get left behind in the digital revolution
  • … will boost your business’ credibility
  • … levels the playing field between small businesses and large corporations
  • … builds a connection with your audience
  • … generates leads for you
  • … generates sales for you
  • … anchors all your other marketing efforts
  • … targets a wider audience and broadens your reach
  • … improves customer service
  • … is always accessible, 24/7, even while you sleep
  • … saves you time and money by automating the time-consuming stuff
  • … increases your bottom line
  • … is affordable – there’s no reason not to have a modern, professional website!

If you need more details on the above, read our blog post that explains the reasons and rationale, with concrete examples and research.

Online shop website design package options

Pick your punch!

    Great for getting you started on your e-commerce journey!
    Up to 5 web pages
    Up to 20 store products
    FREE 12 months hosting and maintenance package (thereafter renew at R250/m)
    FREE domain and domain registration
    25 email accounts
    FREE SSL certificate
    Quality support
    For those with more products and more information pages
    Up to 10 web pages
    Up to 50 store products
    FREE 12 months hosting and maintenance package (thereafter renew at R250/m)
    FREE domain and domain registration
    50 email accounts
    FREE SSL certificate
    Quality support
    For those with a lot of products and information!
    Up to 15 web pages
    Up to 80 store products
    FREE 12 months hosting and maintenance package (thereafter renew at R250/m)
    FREE domain and domain registration
    75 email accounts
    FREE SSL certificate
    Quality support

All online shop design packages include:

  • Mobile friendly website
  • Pick which pages you need (e.g. Home, Landing Page, Services, Products, Projects, Blog, About, Contact Us)
  • Privacy policy, terms of service and cookie pages
  • Secure PayFast payment gateway integration
  • On-page SEO with search engine indexing submissions
  • domain registration (e.g.
  • Professional email accounts that match your domain (e.g.
  • 1 year hosting (no monthly fees for the first year – thereafter, get a special price on hosting and maintenance package for R250/m)
  • Website security enhancements (SSL certificate, firewall, malware scanning, anti-spam, and other security features included)
  • Optimisations for speed and performance
  • Automated weekly backups
  • Up-time monitoring
  • Fast and friendly support

Other optional features included (free):

What we need from you:

  • Your existing logo – or add an optional extra if we should design a logo for you
  • Your existing branding kit (colours, fonts, style, etc.) – or add an optional extra if we should design the website branding kit
  • Your website profile – contact us to get the project profile form, complete it and return it to us
  • Your website content and product data – fill in the content section on the form above, or add an optional extra if we should do the content writing and copywriting
  • Your photo’s / images / promo video to be used on website – or add an optional extra if we should source stock photo’s or assist with photography

Optional extra’s (for an extra fee):

  • Logo design – R500 for basic logo with 2 revisions, or R350/h for curated logo with unlimited revisions
  • Branding kit – R200 for basic website branding kit with colours, fonts and style, or R1200 for full branding kit including fonts, colour palette, basic logo, social media profile images and cover banners, business card, email signatures, QR codes and business card
  • Additional pages – R200 per page (excludes content writing and copywriting)
  • Web page content writing, search engine and keyword optimised – R500 per page
  • Collapsible FAQ section, search engine and keyword optimised – R500 per FAQ
  • Blog facility and training to use it (R500)
  • Content writing, search engine and keyword optimised – R750 per full-length blog post
  • Additional products listed – R50 per product (excludes product copywriting)
  • Training to add products on backend yourself – R1000
  • Product copywriting – R250 per product
  • Product photography with background removal – R45 per photo
  • Google Analytics integration, associated cookie and privacy policy, and monthly reports on website traffic, pay once-off for 1 year’s reports – R900
  • Different top-level domain (e.g. .com, .org, .net, or .africa – price depends on choice)

Optional extra features (for an extra fee):

  • Catalogue mode (i.e. don’t show product prices, no shopping cart, only show product information with enquiry form) – R1000
  • Digital gift vouchers with automated coupon codes (as a product type) – R750
  • Gift registry (e.g. for weddings, baby showers, etc.) – R500
  • Wish list / saved favourites – R500
  • Product search / filter bar – R1500
  • Distinguish products by brand, with clickable brand filter and short brand descriptions – R500
  • Visual comparison pricing tables – R250 per column (recommended to use 3 columns, to leverage consumer behaviour science – most people buy the option presented in the middle)
  • On-board, manage and track affiliates / influencer commissions with detailed reports from website – R2000
  • Social media news feed embeds (R1000 per social media platform – note this impacts speed / performance)
  • Additional payment gateway integrations (e.g. Yoco, Peach Payments) – R350 per gateway
  • Subscription payments – R500
  • Composite products / product bundles facility (user can increase / decrease quantity of individual products in the bundle) – R1500 facility setup fee, R200 per bundle configuration
  • E-commerce email customisations (e.g. add logo to emails, change text for each type of email, change colour scheme to match brand colours, etc.) – R500
  • Courier aggregate integration (get fastest and cheapest quotes from different couriers automatically based on order weight and size, optionally get discounted rates for a monthly fee) – R500 once-off for normal courier rates, discounted rates start at R99 / month
  • Pargo shipment integration and assistance to get set up with Pargo (Pargo couriers collect at your premises, and customers collect at Clicks, Caltax and selected independent pick-up points) – R500
  • Different shipping charges per zone or city or per delivery method – R500
  • Automated product review reminder emails, allowing user image uploads for reviews – R750
  • Cart abandonment retrieval (automated emails reminding customers to complete checkout, in case they got busy and forgot, offer discounts to motivate hesitant buyers, etc.) – R750
  • Advanced chatbot integration with customisation, CRM integration and reporting – R2500
  • Newsletter integration (pop-up or static form asking for email address, sending form contents to Mailchimp or other newsletter management tool of your choice) – R500
  • Sales funnel facility that supports landing pages, upsells, downsells, order bumps, lead generation, CRM integration, A/B split testing, analytics and reporting – R1500 once-off facility setup, R350 per landing page setup (conversion optimised), R1000 for professional sales funnel strategy session with digital marketing agent

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